Have you considered going paperless to automate your open houses but are hesitant to take the plunge? We’ve got you covered! As the industry-leading open house solution, Spacio’s mission is to take open house automation mainstream. We serve a number of top tier brokerages in the U.S. and Canada, and we want to help you become more productive and close more deals at open houses.

So the question is: why should you move away from what you’re used to doing and explore the possibility of streamlining your open house process?

Here are 12 ways that Spacio will help you supercharge your open house efforts:

1. Old fashioned pen and paper lead capture = lost opportunities

Paper lead capture is inefficient and error prone, not to mention that it makes agents look dated and disorganized. Messy handwriting and lost sign-in sheets mean missed sales opportunities. With Spacio, every lead is digitally captured for effective and timely follow up, so none will slip through the cracks. Spacio offers a professional and beautiful interface for visitors to input their own information, saving you the administrative headache of transferring leads from paper into your CRM.

“I can’t believe some agents still have visitors signing in on paper. How can you follow up when you can’t read someone’s writing?”
Kris Sylvester, Realtor and Gold Circle Member

2. Make the best first impression with an elevated welcoming experience

The people visiting your open houses have likely already been to other ones where they were handed a piece of paper to register. Imagine this: if you’re the agent who welcomes visitors to sign in on a beautiful and branded digital device, how much more professional will you appear to these potential clients? Visitors often look for ways to assess agents they may want to work with, and Spacio helps you make the best first impression from the moment visitors walk in the door.

Want to take this even further? Showcase your testimonials directly on the Spacio sign-in form and leverage your past successes to win new customers using our integrations with Testimonial Tree, Zillow Reviews, and RealSatisfied.

“Having Spacio on the iPad for sign-ins at open houses is a great way to start a conversation with people coming through the door, and it helps make a positive impression on new customers.”
— Stanton Hoch Team

3. Protect visitor privacy by keeping their contact info hidden

When sign-in sheets are left out in the open, people are more inclined to drag their pen or avoid signing in because they don’t want other people to see their contact information. With Spacio, after visitors submit their information, every field on the form is cleared and their information is saved in the back end. This encourages visitors to share real contact information, making it easier for you to follow up after.

4. Gain social insights on verified contacts in real time

Spacio pulls social data on all verified contacts, giving you powerful consumer insights so you can strike up a meaningful conversation with visitors while they are still walking through your open house. We help you research your leads so you can spend less time Googling them and more time engaging with them in person.

Tip: If you use your mobile app as a companion in parallel with another device for registration, you can view visitor details (including their social media profiles!) in real time as they are touring your open house. Watch this video tutorial to find out how.

5. Effortless follow up with automatic emails

Spacio can automatically send follow up emails to visitors or their agents after your open house ends, ensuring every lead is followed up in a timely manner.

Spacio does not send communications to a visitor who states they are represented by an agent; instead it appropriately sends an automatic follow up to the agent that the visitor registers when they sign in. Watch our video tutorial to learn how auto email works.

“With Spacio, we can ensure every visitor gets into our database and assigned to the appropriate follow up campaign. This is greatly increasing the number of transactions we get from our open houses.”
Whissel Realty

6. Share beautiful seller and open house reports with just a few clicks

Spacio combines all of your open house efforts into an overview report that you can take to a listing presentation when trying to win new clients. Show sellers the tools you’ll use to represent them, and how many potential buyers you have on hand if they let you represent their property. Quickly pull up an open house you did recently down the street and the people you can call right away!

With just a few clicks, you can generate beautiful seller reports to keep your clients in the loop after an open house. This is something sellers love and can easily share with friends and family, all with your contact information and brokerage branding. Seller reports are great post-open house marketing tools that make you look professional and keep you top of mind.

7. Re-market to people who previously attended your open houses

Re-market to visitors with Spacio’s Broadcast Message feature so you don’t have to keep messy sign-in sheets for future marketing purposes! You can easily send a mass email to visitors of a specific property and inform them of updates, like if you’re expecting an offer, a price reduction, or if you have a new listing in the area that you would like them to preview. With Spacio, you can quickly target a group of people that were interested in a particular property — something that can’t easily be done on other platforms. Find out how: http://spac.io/tutorials/#broadcast-message.

8. Pre-register visitors before your open house

Spacio creates a unique registration link that leads to a Property Page for every property added, so you can pre-register visitors who are interested in your open house. When you include this link in your open house marketing materials (such as ads, newsletters or on social media), anyone who registers from the Property Page will have their info logged under the same property in Spacio.

Anticipating a busy open house? Text visitors this link on the spot so they can register on their own device. You can also use the Print Instructions feature inside the Edit Sign-In Form so visitors can visit the link themselves or scan the QR code that takes them directly to the page. Learn more here.

9. Share your open houses on social media

You can share your open houses on social media, chat apps or text the information to anyone without ever leaving the Spacio platform. Through integrations with HomeSpotter’s Boost and Adwerx, you can further your marketing efforts with pre- and post-open house digital campaigns.

10. Easy to learn with minimal setup

Spacio was designed to be an easy-to-use tool you can pick up and start using right away, with minimal training. Forget complicated software solutions — all the setup is already done for you! In fact, the first time you login to Spacio, your profile and all your active listings will already be filled out. Spacio pulls listing data from your brokerage daily, so you never have to enter properties manually.

11. Accessible on all platforms + Offline Mode on tablet apps

Our solution is cross platform, meaning you can access your leads from Spacio via any device — anytime, anywhere. Spacio even works offline on the iPad and Android tablet app! To learn more, visit spac.io/offline.

12. Ready integrations with industry leading CRMs and marketing solutions

Spacio is already integrated with your favorite marketing solutions and CRMs so you can maximize the applications you have invested in. For instance, by automatically syncing Spacio leads with your CRM, you can enable ongoing marketing campaigns to ensure your leads are nurtured into customers over time.

Streamline your lead capture, follow up, and much more with these integrations. To see our list of integration partners, login to our web dashboard or iPad app and visit the Integrations menu under Settings.

“I love being able to instantly verify the information collected from guests and the integration with other systems.”
Christina Hood

Intrigued and ready to get started? Join our Getting Started webinar here to watch Spacio in action.

If your company is on our brokerage plan, you can claim your account here. We look forward to powering all your open houses!

Questions? Our team is here to help you 7 days a week at support@spac.io.