Do you run a real estate team?

Do you have multiple team members running open houses for you?

Do you experience headaches of trying to consolidate leads after a busy weekend of open houses with paper sign-in sheets and unreadable handwriting…

Good news. Consolidating your team’s open houses just got a whole lot easier because we’re introducing our newest solution: Spacio for Teams.

Our Teams Solution brings together all of your leads under one account, ensuring everyone can access the data and no leads are lost.

For the first time, Spacio gives you visibility on a process that has always been done on pen and paper. Spacio for Teams offers:

1. A Single Platform for All Open Houses
With role-based permissions, Spacio for Teams allows you to share properties with team members and consolidate leads in one place.

2. Real-Time Reporting
Comprehensive, real-time data on team-wide activities is at your fingertips! From the Team Dashboard, you can view agent leaderboards, identify the busiest properties based on foot traffic, and share monthly reports from the Spacio Teams Dashboard.

3. Quick + Painless Setup
Choose your branding, send us your agent roster, and we’ll have your team up and running in two days. All it takes is three clicks to onboard all of your agents. It’s a painless onboarding process…we promise!


“Before using Spacio, the reality was that we weren’t capturing open house data effectively. Lots of information was lost during the manual entry of data from sign-in sheets into our CRM system, Follow Up Boss. Spacio has really simplified the data collection process for our team and also made using our CRM more efficient.”

— Jay Campbell, Team Lead at Monica Diaz Team, Keller Williams Covina

Click here to read how The Monica Diaz Team is maximizing their open house opportunities with Spacio for Teams.


Join us for our 45 minute Teams Introductory Webinar on Wednesday, May 3 at 9:30am PDT/12:30pm EDT to learn how to consolidate your open house leads under one platform.

Take a tour of our easy-to-use Teams Dashboard and see what team-wide, real-time open house reporting looks like. Even if you can’t attend the webinar, be sure to register because we’ll send you a recording after the webinar. Sign up for our Webinar!


During my twenties, I spent years working in real estate, hosting open houses every week to build my business. I know a lot about the inefficiencies that come with using paper for lead capture at opens, and the opportunities that are lost with unreadable handwriting.

My cofounder and I started Spacio two years ago with a vision to streamline open houses and revolutionize this age-old practice with paperless sign-in forms and automated lead capture.

Spacio is an intelligent visitor registration solution that helps agents maximize open house lead generation opportunities by automating lead capture and follow up.

We are the first company to apply data analytics to open houses, giving teams and brokerages real-time visibility over open house activities, agent productivity, and foot traffic to make more effective sales, marketing, and training decisions. Learn more.

Want Spacio for Teams? Have feedback or suggestions? Please contact us and let us know!

Melissa Kwan
Cofounder and CEO