The Opportunity: Lead Generation Statistics

The best open house lead gen systems help you generate, nurture, and qualify leads from beginning to end — from the moment you get a new listing until the moment the deal is closed. How is this best accomplished? Through strategic lead follow up and programmed lead management.

Open House Lead Generation

Statistics show that 50% of home purchases attend open houses during their home search process, making open houses one of the best ways to generate leads. Open houses are also a cost-efficient way to generate and convert leads from people you meet in real life. In fact, offline selling converts 40% of prospects to customers, which is almost 2x higher than the average conversion rate for online leads across all industries.

Why Lead Nurture Programs are Important

After you’ve generated the lead, regular follow up is essential in order to stay top of mind and further the relationship you have established. Nurtured leads result in a 20% increase in sales opportunities. However, it takes multiple touchpoints to get the business. This is where a nurture program comes into play, as it will help you:

  • Efficiently manage all your lead sources
  • Ensure no contacts falls through the cracks
  • Build personalized and automated campaigns
  • Increase your productivity so that you can spend more time building valuable relationships

Nurturing and Qualifying a Lead

After an open house, you have a limited amount of time to qualify a lead and determine their readiness to make a transaction. The sooner that you reach out to them, the more likely you will be able to gauge the potential of working with the client. Automating and speeding up this process through a nurture program enables you to start building a more valuable relationship with the client, leading to more opportunities for sales and closing deals.

The Challenge

The Problem with Paper Lead Capture

After a busy weekend of open houses, it can be a headache trying to consolidate leads from paper sign-in sheets. Relying on manual lead generation from pen and paper is inefficient, prone to errors, and creates missed lead generation opportunities because sign-in sheets get lost or unreadable handwriting cannot be deciphered.

The Problem with Lead Generation

Too often, we see agents hinder their lead nurture by:

  • Sending generic follow ups
  • Sending too many or too few follow ups
  • Not sending any follow ups at all

Many agents have told us they are unsure how to properly follow up with leads from open houses, and what to write in their emails. We understand that crafting the right message that is compelling enough — without being too sales-y — can be a struggle. This is why we’ve put together a guide on how to follow up with leads in order to help you successfully qualify open house leads in just six weeks.

The Solution: Automated Lead Generation Systems

Digital Lead Generation Capture

Paperless lead generation solutions like Spacio help you collect visitors contact information with ease, speed, and professionalism. Spacio is also integrated with a number of leading CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems where all registered leads from your open house immediately flow directly to your CRM for ongoing lead nurture and qualification. Integrations with partner tools ensure you quickly qualify leads, deliver timely and proper follow up, and move prospects to the next phase in your relationship building.

At Spacio, we believe the ingredients needed to create a successful nurture program include:

1. Knowing WHO to follow up with: Using a digital sign-in solution for accurate and efficient lead generation

2. Knowing WHAT to follow up with: Personalized follow up messages

3. Knowing WHEN and HOW to follow up: Strategic timing with an automated system

Using A CRM For Lead Qualification

It’s certainly possible to execute lead qualification manually, but that often results in messy spreadsheets and inconsistent follow up. Instead, many agents and brokers choose a CRM to centralize their lead generation to increase productivity.

With Spacio’s integration partners, you can make this process into a repeatable and easily automated program  — reminding you to stay on track of how you want to manage your open house leads.

Not only that, you can create dynamic custom fields that make it a whole lot easier to consistently complete personalized fields (such as name, common interests, etc.) in each email, text message, or phone call. In fact, we’ve been told that using a CRM open house program helps agents “qualify up to 25% of open house leads before the end of the nurture program”.

The Overview: A Summary of the 6-Week Program

We’ve developed a 6-week follow up program that we recommend to all agents in order to engage and qualify a lead. Once the lead is qualified, move this contact to your standard workflow for long-term or short-term qualified leads. If, by the end of the program, the lead has not responded, the lead is usually considered “dead” and you may choose to re-engage with them in the future as you see fit. Spacio still recommends that you follow up at least a couple times per year with all dead leads (you just never know, right?) Check your CRM for programs and content for campaigns like this.

6-Week Plan for Qualifying Leads From Open Houses [Free Email, Voicemail & Text Message Templates]

We suggest using a variety of methods to reach out (emails, phone calls, and text messages) because each client may have different communication preferences. Agents (and clients) are typically quite comfortable utilizing text messaging these days and in fact, one-third of Americans now prefer texting to phone calls. Even better, the results of texting are more immediate: studies show that 90% of people read a text message within the first 3 minutes of receiving it!

The Program: A Preview

We’re happy to share the first email template from Step 1 of our program with you so that you can have a preview of what it includes! To access the full guide and all of our templates for email, voice message and text messaging, simply sign into Spacio and click on Leads+.

Step 1: Automated Open House Email

Purpose: To send a quick reminder to the visitor about the open house they just viewed. The visitors may have viewed a number of different properties that day, and sending an instant follow up (we recommend three hours after their visit) will help you and the property stay top of mind. This email is sent directly from the Spacio app via the Auto Email feature.

You can enable the Auto Email feature in Spacio to automate your first open house follow up to visitors or to their agents that they register. For more information on how this works, watch our tutorial video. We recommend manually using the template email below if you choose not to use Spacio’s Auto Email Feature.

Subject: Thank you for viewing the open house at [PROPERTY NAME/ADDRESS]


Hi [NAME],

Thank you for taking the time to attend the open house for [PROPERTY NAME/ADDRESS] on [DATE]. If you have any remaining questions regarding this property, please feel free to contact me at [PHONE NUMBER] or by email at [EMAIL].

Below you will find more information for your reference.





You can find more information online at [WEBSITE URL].

If this particular property did not meet all of the criteria you are looking for, I am confident that I can help you find your ideal home that meets your criteria within your designated price range. Just let me know what you’re looking for.

Thanks for stopping by!



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