Best practices before your open house

  • Familiarize yourself with Spacio at home first before your open house. The worst case would be not knowing how to help a visitor use the app! We recommend testing Spacio on all your devices. For help, access all of our tutorials under the Help menu after you log into the app. Alternatively, all tutorials can be accessed online:
  • Perform a test registration with the Spacio tablet app. Remember to register yourself online and offline. To enable offline mode, turn off wifi or turn your tablet on airplane mode. It’s is important to test offline mode before your open house, as you may have a weak wifi connection at the open house and need to revert to offline mode. It is important to note that offline mode is only available on the iPad app and Android tablet app. A comprehensive guide to offline mode can be found here:

Best practices during your open house

  • Connect your main registration device to wifi whenever it is available to minimize any syncing errors. This also ensures you’ll be able to see visitors information on your mobile phone in real-time during the open house.
  • Anticipate weak wifi connections. Weak wifi signals may cause the Spacio app to freeze as it attempts to load. If you are anticipating a weak connection, you must use your tablet apps in offline mode from the start of your open house. To ensure you run your apps correctly in offline mode, turn off your wifi or turn on airplane mode. A comprehensive guide to offline mode can be found here: As an alternative to using your tablet apps in offline mode, use your iOS or Android mobile phones for visitor registration through your data connection.

Best practices after your open house.

  • Re-connect to wifi. If your iPad or Android tablet was offline during the open house, and you have enabled auto emails, remember to open the app when your device is connected to wifi again. This will ensure all auto emails are triggered and sent to visitors. This step is also necessary to perform after your open house as this syncs all the leads generated on your device to your Spacio account.
  • If you did not enable the auto email, follow up with interested parties using the Broadcast Message feature. This feature helps you keep visitors informed with updated information about the property, such as incoming offers and price reductions. Also, if you have any new listings that come up in the same area, consider inviting visitors to attend a preview. A guide to using the Broadcast Message feature can be found here.

To access the remaining tips, all you need to do is:

1. Login to Spacio’s dashboard on the web or tablet

2. Click on “Leads+” in the main menu bar

3. Click on Best Practices

4. Click on “How to Get the Most Value From Using Spacio”

For more tips, visit the all new Leads+, Spacio’s comprehensive new resource for open house lead generation! Starting from the moment you secure the listing, Leads+ will guide you through the open house journey to ensure that every aspect is maximized to its fullest potential.

Filled with best practices, programs and actionable items, Leads+ functions as your very own playbook for success, outlining the fundamentals of each step of the lead generation process. It is the ultimate one-stop shop for real estate professionals seeking to get the most out of open houses — before, during and after.

We’ve surveyed top agents, teams and coaches to bring you the best advice, insights and tips so you can hold successful open houses that generate qualified leads, foster meaningful relationships and help you close more deals. In addition to this complete list of ways to generate more open house leads, a few of the guides you can find in the Leads+ menu include:

  • 15 Tips to Perfect Your Open Houses
  • Creating the Best Social Media Ads for Digital Lead Generation
  • A 6-week Lead Qualification Program (with ready-to-use copy and paste templates for email, voicemail messages and text messaging!)

To access these and many more resources:

All you need to do is login to Spacio’s dashboard on the web or tablet and click on “Leads+” in the main menu bar.

About Spacio

Spacio is the #1 open house lead generation system designed to capture higher quality leads and to close more deals. Our solution provides real estate professionals with a system to capture every high quality lead, resources to run better open house, and the assurance that no opportunity with slip through the cracks.