Finding creative ways to handle objections when visitors are reluctant to share their contact information can be a challenging task and a frustrating one! When the compelling reasons you offer for signing in don’t have the desired effect, you may find yourself scrambling for another approach. This comprehensive best practices guide to tackle these situations is a compilation of advice from leading real estate professionals across the country and the strategies can be easily implemented into your open house practices.


Let your sign-in sheet help you instead of hinder you. By only asking for a few pertinent details, you are more likely to get the responses you’re looking for. Stick to the basics. Name, email, zip code and the question “are you working with an agent?” are the only things that Julia Boland, a Manhattan real estate agent with Corcoran, asks for. The agents we surveyed agreed that expediting the process can quickly turn the naysayers into your next prospect. Besides, you have time during their tour to find out more about them, and you can write it in Spacio’s Notes section after.


By clearly describing what you intend to use their information for, your guests will realize that you will only send them info that can specifically aid them in their real estate search. Knowing you won’t spam their inbox with alerts about every property on the MLS can reassure them that you have every intention to help, and that it would be worth their while to provide contact details so you can keep them informed. Always emphasize your ability to keep them updated in a timely manner on important changes, such as price changes, property updates, incoming offers, and similar listings (including ones just about to come on the market that you can offer them a preview of). People are more likely to want to share information when they know it will be used responsibly to receive relevant updates.

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We’ve surveyed top agents, teams and coaches to bring you the best advice, insights and tips so you can hold successful open houses that generate qualified leads, foster meaningful relationships and help you close more deals. In addition to this complete list of ways to generate more open house leads, a few of the guides you can find in the Leads+ menu include:

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All you need to do is login to Spacio’s dashboard on the web or tablet and click on “Leads+” in the main menu bar.

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