“Buyers don’t go to open houses”

“The home will never sell at an open house”

“Only nosey neighbors come through”

Yea yea… you’ve heard it all before.

The model hasn’t changed in decades. Stand in a home with a clipboard, pass out an MLS sheet and say absurd things like “This is the master bath….”.

Here in a moment, I’ll share with you how one team successfully flipped the open house tradition upside down. In fact, this awesome team uses the open house model to average one closing for nearly every day of the year.

The model yields a VERY low cost per lead. That’s huge news when companies like Zillow, Facebook, and Google have successfully muscled their way into your pocket.

The Whissel system even earned Kyle Whissel a spot amongst the top 250 agents in the country, so it’s worth “borrowing” some little nuggets below.

Start by sending out invitations to the nearest 250 homes… Nice ones! Make it feel exclusive!

Publish your social media ads before the house ever hits the market!

Get to know the neighbors by hosting an exclusive “Pre-Open House” on Friday night. 

Turn your Public Open House into a party on a Saturday late afternoon. That’s right. It’s a party!

Don’t forget the importance of greeting your guests at the door. Team Whissel uses Spacio to easily capture their information! It will also pull in a guest’s social profile image so you can remember who it is you’ve talked to later. P.S. Spacio makes it easy to Facebook stalk your lead as well….muahh ha ha


Each person that walks through the door is a lead… but you don’t want to make them feel like a lead. Instead of asking if they have any questions on the home,  ask if you can get them a drink. Ask how they like the neighborhood. Ask about their thoughts on the schools. Pro tip- You can have the app open on your cell and make notes after you finish your conversation.

And don’t forget the important planning items that make it memorable. Wine and cheese, Beer and wings, Background music… give folks a reason to show up! 

That’s really it. Don’t be surprised if someone pulls you aside and asks you to come over and check out their home to list.

EVERYONE knows 3 to 4 real estate agents. A party like this showcases your professionalism and commitment to home buyers and sellers. You’ll know the neighbors, their concerns and frustrations better than any other agent.

The Whissel Crew is not worried about other agents, or “the next big thing” because they have taken the time to build real relationships. A face to face interaction is far more valuable as our world grows more and more technical.

Assuming this interests you, here’s what you’ll do next.

  1. You’re likely already thinking of a property that would make a great open house party. Schedule it!
  2. Download Spacio, integrate with your CRM and get familiar with the app. It’s free for 30 days.