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Spacio Case Study: Bringing Open Houses Into the Digital Age

by Spacio • March 27, 2019

T3 Sixty has published an in-depth case study report on Spacio that examines the importance of bringing Open Houses into the digital age, and how doing so positively impacts the business of both the brokerages and their affiliated businesses (i.e. mortgage services) — as well as enhances the agent experience.

Preview: 6-Week Program for Effective Lead Qualification

by Spacio • March 19, 2019

The Opportunity: Lead Generation Statistics The best open house lead gen systems help you generate, nurture, and qualify leads from beginning to end — from the moment you get a new listing until the moment the deal is closed. How is this best accomplished? Through strategic lead follow up and programmed lead management. Open House […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Successful Open House

by Spacio • February 13, 2019

Best practices before your open house Familiarize yourself with Spacio at home first before your open house. The worst case would be not knowing how to help a visitor use the app! We recommend testing Spacio on all your devices. For help, access all of our tutorials under the Help menu after you log into […]

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Ultimate Open House Best Practices Guide

by Spacio • February 5, 2019

Successful open houses create opportunities to generate leads which eventually influence motivated buyers. But before you dive right in and call up your latest seller to put on an open house, first take the time to properly plan your open house strategy. How do you optimize them to their fullest potential? We have done the […]

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Achieving Sign in Success with Hesitant Visitors

by Spacio • January 24, 2019

Finding creative ways to handle objections when visitors are reluctant to share their contact information can be a challenging task and a frustrating one! When the compelling reasons you offer for signing in don’t have the desired effect, you may find yourself scrambling for another approach. This comprehensive best practices guide to tackle these situations […]

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Best Open House Practices to Increase Your Sign-In Database

by Spacio • January 14, 2019

Picture this scene: you have posted your listing all over social media, set out your signs, arranged snacks and refreshments, turned on every light, and fanned out your glossy brochures. As the clock strikes the top of the hour, everything is ready to go…and so begins your open house. All this effort is not for […]

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The Best Lead Follow-up Tools for Real Estate Agents

by Spacio • August 1, 2018

From initial introduction through closing, finding tools that work best for you and your real estate career is important to business. Learn more about the best follow-up tools to help grow your business.