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15 Best Marketing Tools for Realtors

The 16 Best Real Estate Tools for 2019

by Spacio • March 12, 2019

To stay organized as a real estate agent, you need the right set of real estate tools—specific to your unique needs—to help you. From organizing open houses to closing deals, you’ve got your hands full managing client expectations. The last thing you need is to be stuck behind a desk manually tracking everything. We’ve rounded […]

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Best Open House Practices to Increase Your Sign-In Database

by Spacio • January 14, 2019

Picture this scene: you have posted your listing all over social media, set out your signs, arranged snacks and refreshments, turned on every light, and fanned out your glossy brochures. As the clock strikes the top of the hour, everything is ready to go…and so begins your open house. All this effort is not for […]

5 Digital Real Estate Advertising Strategies for Your Business

5 Digital Real Estate Advertising Strategies for Your Business

by Spacio • December 1, 2018

People are spending more time online. In fact, the average American spends 24 hours a week online, surfing the web. That’s 151% growth since 2000 when people only spent about nine hours a week online. When it comes to marketing your business, all of this time spent online means digital strategies are the best options for real […]

6 Online and Offline Real Estate Marketing Ideas for New Agents

6 Offline (and Online) Real Estate Marketing Strategies for New Agents

by Spacio • November 1, 2018

A study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 87% of home buyers purchase their homes through real estate agents, while 89% of sellers use agents. To tap into that large pool of potential clients, successful agents use multichannel real estate marketing ideas that integrate both traditional and digital strategies. Here are six effective offline and […]

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Marketing

by Spacio • June 1, 2018

For new agents and experienced pros alike, this is the guide for you! Whether you’re setting up your first website or running a strategic campaign, we have great tips here to help!