Meeting neighbors, showcasing your listing and installing signs… Hosting open houses is a fantastic way to gain exposure for yourself — and it’s also one of the most commonly used tactics to bolster business. When executed properly, an open house can yield an almost infinite number of benefits. Oftentimes real estate professionals lack a smart strategy for their open houses, which can diminish quality interactions with potential clients and impedes the ability to have great follow up. To help you maximize your open house efforts to the fullest, we’ve compiled tips from some of the best in the business. The end result is this foolproof, easy-to-follow list just for you!

#1 Time it Right

Market open houses at least five days before to make sure the information is syndicated to all possible websites.

In preparation for an open house on the weekend, try to have the date and time posted online as early as possible. Make sure you have the information in the MLS so it can syndicate to other websites where the public can find it. By posting it early in the week, you’re allowing it to get as much exposure as possible, ensuring people will have time to plan to visit and may even share it with others. Double check that the date and time are easy to find online!

“Whenever possible, I make sure to add the open house date and time to the listing at least 5 days prior. This way it has enough time to sync to all media outlets, especially StreetEasy where 90% of our leads come from.”Kris Sylvester, Halstead

#2 Go Strong Online

Ensure your open house property has a significant digital presence.

It’s not just having your open house details online, it’s about being found online. With the vast majority of buyers beginning their search on the Internet, it’s important to stand out from the competition and ensure your property is being noticed so people can save the info and plan to attend your open house. Corcoran agent Cheryl Nielsen-Saaf carefully creates web pages for each property with accurate descriptions, compelling photography and important information — including open house dates and times. When a potential buyer finds your open house and then spends time researching the property, you want to be certain they will find accurate information quickly and easily.

“If you create a nice Facebook ad, if you target it correctly, and if you price your home well, this is the kind of the stuff that you can have happen where you have literally 20-30 people waiting outside your house to show.” — Jay Campbell, The Monica Diaz Team

#3 Take Signage Seriously

Put out a substantial amount of signage early in the day.

Take full advantage of your open house by placing signs all around the neighborhood to increase traffic and visibility. Exposing the neighborhood to your name, logo and branding through your signs is a great (and free!) way to gain recognition in the area. Some agents include property detail sheets on their signs to offer people more information before they arrive at the open house. This ensures that people who visit are more likely to be genuinely interested, since they have already been briefed on the details.

Top California agent Monica Diaz puts signs out early in the morning on the day of her open houses to catch the attention of neighbors just starting their days. This approach is strategic, as she hopes to entice neighbors to stop by for a visit once the open house begins. Monica, along with her partner Jay Campbell of The Monica Diaz Team, recently hosted a webinar on maximizing your open house ROI that included many valuable strategies — including this great tip:

“I like to get up early in the morning and put them out around 6:00 a.m. and then put signs all around the neighborhood, but not right in front of the home. Or if I do put it in front of the home, then I put a note on the door to come back at the time of the open house. If you put them early, if people are out and about doing their thing, they know that an open house is later and they can mentally note, “Okay, there’s an open house at this time. Great.” But not everybody’s going to be out running around if you put them out a half an hour before the open house. You’re going to miss a lot of people.” — Monica Diaz, The Monica Diaz Team

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