To stay organized as a real estate agent, you need the right set of real estate tools—specific to your unique needs—to help you.

From organizing open houses to closing deals, you’ve got your hands full managing client expectations. The last thing you need is to be stuck behind a desk manually tracking everything.

We’ve rounded up the sixteen best real estate tools that are designed to give you back time and help you focus on what you do best—interacting with buyers and sellers.

The following tools are divided into categories—like website design and management, social media, and lead generation—to make it easier for you to find what you need. Let’s get started.

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Real estate website design and management tools

Potential leads use your site to research the types of properties and locations they’re interested in. To make your site as useful as possible, offer resources people need during the early stages of their search. For example, write engaging and relevant blog posts and offer access to free home evaluations to start.

The following tools are designed to simplify building an effective website and help you manage your site so that leads keep coming back.

1. Boston Logic

Boston Logic is an easy-to-use Website Builder that lets you customize templates to showcase your property listings, share your business profile, display client testimonials, and more.

Some of its features include:

  • IDK-enabled so your site integrates with MLS
  • 100% responsive since 52.4% of global traffic comes from mobile devices
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • SEO-optimized
  • Lead capture features like custom lead forms
  • Flexible neighborhood search
  • Built-in CRM to make it easier to manage contact details for clients, run reports, and analyze website visitor behavior

If you need help building a unique website, you can work directly with the Boston Logic team to build it and access premium website designs.

Since every real estate team has unique needs, Boston Logic offers custom quotes for their service.

2. Matterport

Typically used by photographers and videographers, Matterport adds extra visual appeal to the homes featured on your website. Instead of only using pictures and video to sell properties, Matterport creates stunning 3D virtual tours that you can share.

Matterport makes it easy for your audience to tour properties and explore an interesting property from the comfort of their home instead of waiting for an open house. Make tours interactive by inserting tag posts—like little comment bubbles—to point out special features in each room of the home. It’s just like you’re there, guiding people through.

Since leads get a chance to view a property virtually before contacting you, they’re likely more qualified leads because they’ve already had a chance to explore the property in detail.

Get the most out of this tool by posting the final tour on your website and rotate through featured listings, add it to social media, or send a link to the tour to a segmented email list.

If you’d like to shoot your own video, then you can buy your own camera starting at $2,495 with an accompanying cloud plan starting at $49/monthfor basic features. If you’d rather hire a Matterport service provider, you’ll need to get a custom quote.

3. Ahrefs

With data like search volume and keyword difficulty, Ahrefs makes it easy to research keywords in your niche and view your competitors’ content. Plus, as you add more content to your blog, Ahrefs provides insights into how your blog is performing, where your traffic is coming from, and your domain ranking. These are all important factors when you’re growing your business online.

As you create content for your site, search Ahrefs to see what your audience is reading and what competitors are sharing. Use the results to find gaps in the topics already covered and fill them with content your audience is interested in.

There are four packages to choose from, starting with the Lite Package that’s available for $99/month.

4. Google Trends

Google Trends tracks what’s trending in your niche so you can see what types of content your audience is interested in. For example, if you type in “Miami Beach real estate,” you can see how audience interest changes over time. A steady increase shows sustained interest. Use this information to create and share top of funnel content like how to get a mortgage, current mortgage rates in Florida, pricing averages in different Miami Beach neighborhoods, etc.

Filter the resulting data by:

  • Interest over time from the past hour to the past five years
  • Categories like Business & Industrial, Real Estate, and News
  • Search type like web search, image search, news search, and YouTube search

Download the results as a CSV file to track trends and to figure out the best time of the day, month, or year to talk about these topics.

Free to use with a Google account.

Lead generation tools for real estate

A large part of being a successful agent is being able to generate a steady stream of new customer leads. Here are tools that let you target leads at open houses, on social media, and via text once they share their contact information.

5. Spacio

Spacio, our latest acquisition, makes open houses more efficient by digitally capturing lead information. As leads sign in at open houses, Spacio adds them to your CRM, automatically sends them follow-up emails, and gives you real-time reporting. The best part is Spacio integrates with a number of other tools to make automation and updates easy to track and manage.

For example, you can integrate with sites like:

  • Boston Logic to manage new leads coming from your website
  • Contactually CRM to automatically update your customer lists
  • Tribus to manage your marketing campaigns and tasks

Also, take advantage of features like broadcast emails, new customer notifications, contact verification, property sharing with your team, and in-app branding.

There are three packages to choose from. As an agent, you’d qualify for the Agent package available for $25/month. This package includes standard features like email follow-up, lead export, reporting, and social sharing.

6. Connect

Use Connect to chat with prospects, clients, and other agents on your team about specific properties. For example, send a link to new clients inviting them to view your listings and learn more about you. What’s great about this app is your clients don’t have to download it to get the benefits of viewing the content you share. Your messages simply appear as text messages on their end.

Connect also lets you share a mortgage calculator with clients to help them figure out what they can afford based on the cost of the property, projected home insurance, down payment, and other variables.

Free to use.

7. Boost

With the help of Boost you can automatically create ads on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Wave, and Google when new listings are shared on MLS. Boost is flexible; you can make adjustments to the automated ad before it’s published, track campaign performance, and target the best leads.

There’s a flat fee to use Boost for each ad campaign you run. It costs $59 to run 7-day new listing promotion ads and $39 for open house promotion ads that run for up to half a week.

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