We know that you’re committed to making 2019 outstanding for your business. The fact that you’re thinking about next year shows just how committed you are. To help you achieve business greatness, we are sharing two tried-and-true tactics that will ensure you and your team sell more homes this coming year!

Tactic #1: Know Your Numbers

On the topic of planning for the future, taking a deep look at 2018 operations will give us an insight on the effects of tasks that build into a successful future. Break down your numbers to help understand what percentage of each will contribute to your 2019.

Know your:

  • GCI
  • Sales Volume
  • Number Of Transactions
  • Average Sales Price
  • Average Retained
  • Commission %
  • Lead Sources

Then, set your goals for revenue/GCI. Once you are clear on the numbers and goals, you can determine how many listings you need to sell, the number of appointments to get a listing, and the number of leads and conversations to get the appointments that you’ll require to reach your goals in 2019.

Tactic #2: Improve Existing Systems Instead Of Inventing New Ones

We all get “shiny object syndrome.” But in the end, closing deals always comes back to one thing: generating leads. It’s estimated that in 2015, agents and brokers spent $8.9 billion on residential advertising alone. Not surprisingly, digital marketing budgets continue to rise year after year.

But before you allocate all of your budget to digital marketing and online lead generation, it’s important to bear in mind the quality of real-life leads you meet at open houses versus the quality of online leads from web-based inquiries. It is estimated that online leads have a conversion rate of a mere 0.5%-1%.

Open houses are a cost-efficient way to generate and convert leads from people you meet in person, because offline connections are proven to convert at a higher rate than online inquiries. Recent statistics indicate that offline selling converts 40% of prospects to customers, which is almost 2x higher than the average conversion rate for online leads across all industries.

The best open house lead generation systems will help you collect, manage and follow-up with leads from start to finish. Using pen and paper to collect information is inefficient, error-prone and results in lost leads and missed opportunities. From the moment visitors walk through the door, technology can help you digitally capture every lead and make the best first impression possible on visitors by presenting a professional and welcoming experience.

Digital open house systems can also help you:

  • Give visitors peace of mind by protecting their privacy and keeping their contact information hidden
  • Effortlessly follow up with leads through automated emails
  • Sync every lead directly to your CRM of choice
  • Pull social data on all verified contacts while they are still walking through your open house

These features beat a pen and paper any day.

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