When we started Spacio, our vision was to revolutionize the traditional practice of open houses. We wanted to turn the age old process of pen and paper sign-ups upside down and digitize open houses by automating lead capture and follow up. Over time, our customers repeatedly told us they didn’t just want better software — they wanted to master the art and science of running successful open houses and supercharge their lead generation to close more deals.

In response, we spent months creating a collection of valuable resources to meet this need. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of this resource, Leads+! Available exclusively to our community, Leads+ is your open house playbook for success. Why? It:

  • Outlines the fundamentals of each step of the lead generation process
  • Helps you take your business to the next level
  • Equips you with everything you need to succeed

Leads+ is the ultimate one-stop shop for real estate professionals seeking to maximize every aspect of their open houses — before, during and after.

A sampling of what we have built just for you:

  • Our new Leads+ resource is filled with best practices, programs and actionable items to supercharge your open house lead gen
  • A 6-week lead qualification program with copy and paste email templates
  • Our podcast The Sales Pitch, where you can learn from the industry’s most successful leaders

Read on to learn more…

Introducing…Spacio Leads+

We are excited to introduce you to Leads+, Spacio’s comprehensive new resource for open house lead generation! Starting from the moment you secure the listing, Leads+ will guide you through the open house journey to ensure that every aspect is maximized to its fullest potential.

Filled with best practices, programs and actionable items, Leads+ functions as your very own playbook for success, outlining the fundamentals of each step of the lead generation process. It is the ultimate one-stop shop for real estate professionals seeking to get the most out of open houses — before, during and after.

We’ve surveyed top agents, teams and coaches to bring you the best advice, insights and tips so you can hold successful open houses that generate qualified leads, foster meaningful relationships and help you close more deals. A few of the guides you can find in the Leads+ menu include:

  • The Top Tips and Tricks to Get Open House Sign-Ins
  • Creating the Best Social Media Ads for Digital Lead Generation
  • A 6-week Lead Qualification Program (with ready-to-use copy and paste templates for email, voicemail messages and text messaging!)

To access these and many more resources, all you need to do is login to Spacio’s dashboard on the web or tablet and click on Leads+ on the main menu bar. 

Spacio’s 6-Week Lead Qualification Program You Can Implement Today

While open houses are one of the best ways to generate leads, regular follow-up is essential to build the relationship. Nurtured leads result in a 20% increase in sales opportunities, but it takes multiple touchpoints to get the business. Working together with Contactually, we have developed a 6-week program for agents to help you successfully nurture, engage and qualify your leads.

Find this in the dashboard by clicking Leads+, and then under Programs click on Lead Qualification. This will give you access our comprehensive program, which includes ready-to-use copy and paste templates for email, voicemail messages and text messaging — and much more.


Listen to Our New Podcast and Amp Up Your Sales Game!

We recently launched our first podcast, The Sales Pitch, featuring interviews with top producing agents and leading business coaches. We’re delving deep into relationship building and in-person sales so you can learn from the pros. The Sales Pitch gives you valuable insights and actionable tips to help you amp up lead generation, purposeful networking and face-to-face sales.

Recent episodes include:

A chat with seasoned real estate business coach Travis Robertson, who is considered the nation’s #1 Growth Acceleration Strategist.
Travis has worked with business owners at all stages of growth including Fortune 500 companies, local and regional organizations, and small businesses looking to reach new levels of growth and success. On this episode, he opens up about the best way to grow your network, why it’s so important to lead with confidence, how to build trust with clients, and so much more!

An eye-opening discussion with real estate legend Floyd Wickman about the five links in the chain of effective sales.

Named one of the 25 best real estate coaches in the business by Inman, Floyd has earned the label of “icon” — and for good reason. Over the years, he has successfully trained hundreds of thousands of agents using the philosophy of putting clients first.

You can listen to these and other episodes on iTunes or Stitcher.

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